Chris Crummitt, Founder & CEO

Chris spent over a decade in the Real Estate Industry, working alongside some of the top producing real estate agents in her area. She saw first-hand how the presentation of a property really makes real estate success. She launched Picture Perfect as a one-stop-shop digital Virtual Tour platform to help agents achieve the professional look and marketing capability they need. With over a decade of huge success under her belt, Chris continues to facilitate the excellent customer experience that her clients have come to know and love, and she is never too busy to speak with a client personally.


Anya Bolshakova, Manager

At some point during the 80’s, Anya was unleashed upon the world from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She ultimately ended up in Frederick with her super-awesome husband and three ferocious-yet-totally-sweet dogs; Argus, Abby and Katya. Trained and practiced in photography since her high school days, Anya is rarely seen without a camera in her hands. A graduate of UMBC with a BS in psychology, she likes her goldfish big, her cars loud, and her cameras full frame.

Marisa Blankenship, Client Care Coordinator

Marisa has 16+ years of experience in Customer Relations, Management, Project Management, and Recruiting. She manages all day-to-day aspects of our systems, from processing photoshoots and Virtual Tours, to calendar management, to customer service. Marisa ensures that our systems function properly so that our clients are well taken care of; their expectations are not only met but exceeded time and time again. Marisa prioritizes communication and follow through.

Cara Hotaling, Client Care Coordinator

Cara has 5+ years of experience in photography, video editing, and marketing, specializing in social media marketing. She works closely with the executive team and our clients to process photoshoots and Virtual Tours, manage the calendar, and coordinate social media posts.


Superb quality and maximum exposure are the keys to real estate success.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and first impressions matter.

Streamlining and integrating your marketing needs into one platform helps your business.