Virtual Staging
No more waiting for home stagers to schedule, arrive, and stage! We take empty (or poorly furnished) spaces and transform them into “home” using computer software and 3D furniture models. With more and more buyers beginning their searches online these days, Virtual Staging helps give you the stunning first impression you need to stand out from the competition. Choose from any of our pre-designed sets, Design It Yourself (DIY), or have our designers choose the furniture for you. We take pride in the small details, adjusting proportions and adding texture, shadows, light sources, and more to make it appear life-like and realistic. We can also remove furniture prior to adding virtual furniture, if needed. Your finished product will be delivered to you within 24 hours for normal orders! Available for both residential and commercial properties.

Virtual Renovation
Virtual Renovation simply means renovating a home virtually. It’s different from Virtual Staging in that it’s all about making structural and aesthetic changes to the ceilings, walls, and/or floors prior to adding virtual furniture. This helps buyers see potential in unfinished or outdated spaces! Virtual Renovation is an asset these days because online impressions are crucial and the starting place for most buyers. Available for both residential and commercial properties.